ECM (Effective Creative Management Ltd) is a creative management production company and casting agency.    


We represent and provide a select and diverse pool of professionally trained, qualified and experienced  actors, supporting artists, writers, directors and occasionally crew  to stage, screen and radio - within Scotland and further afield.

ECM is  immensely grateful and honoured  to announce that  internationally renowned award winning Scottish actor -  Mr. Brian Cox has very graciously agreed to be our patron in progressing our bank of talent. 


ECM would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Cox for his wonderful generous support in our aspirations.

ECM prides itself in our open approach to equality in progressing talent. We select our clients on the basis of talent, skill, attitude, integrity, professional etiquette and commitment to their craft.


These traits are  core to the essence of ECM's being and we recognise that irrespective of background, that talent manifests and expresses itself in individuals - from all walks of life, and we are committed to equal opportunity for all.  **** Our Website is currently being updated ​**** More on this later on our Policies & Best Practice  page.